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Pedal Monster for Ram

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Product Overview

Throttle Sensitivity Booster, Standalone
2007-2019 RAM 2500/3500 AND 2011-2020 FORD F-SERIES 6.7L
Improve throttle response, adjustable and safe

PedalMonster is the first OBD-II connected throttle sensitivity controller for gas and diesel vehicles and is tuned to eliminate your factory dead pedal feel and throttle delay. This kit is controlled via the Banks mobile app on your phone or other mobile device (iOS and Android) PedalMonster is the only module of its kind to offer safety features like ActiveSafety®, Reverse Safety, and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim. No other throttle booster has the same level of safety, ease of install, and additional features.

US Patent #10,933,885

Frequently Asked Questions »

US Patent #10,933,885

PedalMonster app can be used with all versions of the PedalMonster
OBD splitter is required when adding PedalMonster to existing Derringer with Switch.

Which PedalMonster is right for me?

  • Use my phone to control:
    — buy PedalMonster Stand-Alone
  • I have an iDash:
    — buy PedalMonster for use with iDash
  • I want an iDash SuperGauge:
    — buy PedalMonster with iDash SuperGauge
  • I want an iDash DataMonster:
    — buy PedalMonster with iDash DataMonster


Key Features

  • Standalone kit for use with phone, No iDash required
  • 50-State Emissions Compliant
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Warranty friendly. Does not leave footprint
  • Powered by +12V via OBD, not low-overhead 5V circuit
  • City, Sport, and Track modes, with 10 sensitivity levels
  • Control and view activity in real-time via iDash and mobile app
  • ActiveSafety®, Reverse Safety, and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim
    • Low-Speed Trim controls how fast sensitivity is added at slow speeds



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review