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Boost Tube Upgrade Kit for 2017-2019 CHEVY/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L DURAMAX, L5P

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Product Overview

Increases throttle response and reduces turbo lag
Red powder-coated (Set)
FOR 2017-2019 CHEVY/GMC 2500/3500 6.6L DURAMAX, L5P
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Banks massive 3.5in boost tubes are the largest charge air cooler pipes on the market, flowing 680 CFM and 87% more air than stock! Smooth mandrel-bent tubes deliver more air to your engine while reducing boost pressure loss resulting in quicker turbo spool and more power.



Banks Boost Tubes are the largest charge air cooler pipes in the industry measuring in at a full 3.5 inches. Every other competitive product on the market tops out at 3.0 inches, and your factory pipes are only 2.5 inches with crushed bent corners and flimsy plastic components. By contrast, Banks Boost Tubes are made of high-quality aluminized steel for maximum strength and durability. With Banks Boost Tubes' smooth bends, your turbo can spool quicker thanks to improved boost pressure retention for maximum horsepower.


Key Features

  • Huge increase in size and flow over stock and competitors (3.5" vs 2.5")
  • Billet venturi couplers maintain boost pressure
  • Mandrel-bent aluminized steel construction
  • Constant diameter tubing for the best flow
  • Allow the turbocharger to spool up faster
  • Spring-loaded constant tension clamps
  • Improves airflow by 87% over stock
  • Flows 680 CFM vs 364 CFM stock
  • 5-ply heavy-duty silicone couplers
  • Greater cooling capacity



(No reviews yet) Write a Review