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EZ Lynk Auto Agent 3.0 With LAD Tuning- 2011-2019 F150 3.5 Ecoboost

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Product Overview

  • Custom tuning available 
  • Wirelessly tune your vehicle 
  • Datalogging and pid monitoring on the fly 
  • User adjustable speed limit and tire size
Please Call for Availability: 337-625-3968

The Auto Agent by EZ Lynk is a revolutionary tool for the diagnostic community. Sharing information about your vehicle with your technician is as easy as plugging in the auto agent and uploading your vehicle profile to the EZ Lynk cloud for your technician to review.

Once connected to the OBDII port in your vehicle the Auto Agent connects to any iOS device (Android support coming soon) to display pids using the free EZ LYNK application. Engine date is then streamed seemlessly to your phone's screen or other iOS device. The Auto Agent is capable of reflashing the vehicle using ECU profiles provided by trusted technicians.


Technicians will quickly learn to appreciate the EZ LYNK Cloud where they can easily manage customers/vehicles and all the data associated with them (datalogs, engine profiles, vehicles information). Transferring engine profiles via USB connection, SD card or e-mail are now a thing of the past as technicians have the capability to share engine profiles with the click of a button to completely eliminate user-error from the equation.


On the other side of things, the end-user can conveniently share datalogs and other vehicle information to any technician with the touch of a finger without even leaving the driver seat. Datalogs can be quickly started and stopped from the main gauge display screen and bookmarks can be added to draw interest to the specific points of a datalog if desired. A graphical web-based datalog viewing solution will soon be incorporated into the EZ LYNK Cloud as well.


A fully customizable user interface allows the end-user to create a gauge interface that suits their particular needs. Technicians can also create default PID configurations that are automatically loaded during a reflash procedure to further assist in the troubleshooting and diagnostic process.

Once you have downloaded the AutoAgent iOS App and created an account please feel free to navigate around the AutoAgent App. To watch a tutorial of the AutoAgent interface click the menu icon in the top left>Settings>View tutorial. There are 6 steps that you can swipe through to check out what EZ LYNK has put together for there soon to be available AutoAgent!

 Auto Agent® 3 w/ OBDII Connection
 Sold as 1 unit (ea)


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